I had such a fantastic flatwork lesson today with cutler.equestrian - we worked on getting Monty more comfortable with a consistent contact from me, and as a result stretching down into the bridle rather than bracing against me.

I can't believe we're less than 2 weeks away from Chilham BE! Having a quick make up cross country session next week and hopefully one more lesson, then it'll be all systems go!

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Can't wait to get back on Moo this evening - been a long few days! Section times are out for Chilham, it's feeling very real now!!

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The last 48 hours have been really challenging for me, but this little horse never fails to put a smile on my face, especially watching him prance off down the field this afternoon without a care in the world and no worse for wear 💙 ...

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Moo and I had such a fantastic time at Berwick yesterday until I unfortunately took a tumble after he tripped going into a water complex.
He was so happy to be out and about, popping over ditches, trakheners and steps without a care in the world. We're both having an easy week so unfortunately won't be going showjumping on Saturday, but still pushing full steam ahead for Chilham Castle.

As always, I'm wearing my vibeequestrian polo shirt (before it got absolutely soaked through).

A massive thank you has to go to both championequestrian and racesafeeq - I'm very fortunate to have walked away, and I have to thank my hat and body protector for that.

Bonus points to anyone who can spot the new item Monty's wearing. I'm eternally grateful for Jim's constant support, so I'm honoured to be able to represent osteopathinsuffolk out and about. Remember the ambassador search closes at the end of the month!

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I had so much fun at Berwick on Thursday thank you giddyuphorseboxhire for taking care of my teddy and guv on the way there and back x also a massive thank you to akalalee for paying and letting us have the best time xx❤ ...

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little play round berwick today before next weekend👍 #eltondellia #eventing #horsesofinstagram #berwickfarmxc ...

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Clinic at Berwick Farm XC with Annette Philpot is underway this morning. XC techniques in an arena and later out onto the course 😊 ...

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This xc was soooo much fun. Storm refused a few fences but the rest was AMAZING!!! berwickfarmxc kiraricherequestriancoach I can’t wait until I have another lesson here! #horse #ponies #crosscountryhorse #splash #storm #bestdayever❤️ ...

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Buds bossing this ditch combo🤓

Crazy to think that 3 years ago we couldn’t even get him close to a ditch and now he doesn’t even look 😎😎

Also I can’t believe that I turned 16 today too!😂 - time has gone so fast! Buddy had a day off today as he was tired after lots of horseball yesterday 😂🤪! Can’t wait for our match soon!!🤠

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