Would love to be able to take the old boy out Cross Country one last time. I'm sure he'd love to as well 😔 ...

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I really do thank my lucky stars for you ✨

Flying over some scary cross country fences, feeling a bit lost without my whip (not that I use it, it’s more of a comfort thing)

Another cross country session next Sunday and then a team chase the following weekend 😬

- Wearing uhlanequestrian base layer, leggings and numnah 🥰

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Happy Thursday sweets! 🍂✨
Christmas is now creeping up on us and I’m sitting here with a hot steamy drink in hand, sorting out my festive diary!
If you are looking for a Christmas commission - which by the way will make the most perfectly special gift, please let me know ASAP so i can book you in ✨

I already have many booked up from months ago - you organised beans!

For those who don’t have animals, I will be taking on literally a couple of people portraits so you’re very welcome to contact me for that too. Spaces are limited, you snooze you lose! 😆🧡

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Goodbye Honey 🍯

We have had such fun together and I will miss you 🥰
She improved so much and has become an amazing pony!
We did 2 camps together (Pony club camp and British Racing School camp!) we both learnt so much together!


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Let's hope me and Twilight have our A Game on tomorrow! A decent course with a few questions but after walking it today I cannot wait to get back on the xc course!
Thank you to everyone involved in organising and running this event, the course looks epic!
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How amazing is Lion?! 🦁
I feel like this horse would jump the moon for me if I asked him.
📸 by thesweebo

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Amazing day at berwickfarmxc ! Bally and Lion LOVE cross country. They are even considering becoming friends over their shared love of jumping…
Thank you amielouisesonnet and thesweebo for filming for us! 📸

Wearing our new lemieuxproductsofficial saddle pads
My boots are koenigs_reitstiefel
Sal in aspen.equestrian
I’m in ariatequestrian

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#horses #spanishhorse #dutchwarmblood #dressagehorse #showjumper #eventer #eventing #showjumping #dressage #thingstodoinlondon #horseriding #beautiful #freedom #gallop #horsesofig #stallion #lovehorses #horsesofinstagram
#hacking #trailriding
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EHNPC Camp 2022

This was such good experience for Honey and me. We got a lot out of it. Honey has become so trusting to me. We had a look a ditch a couple of times but Honey soon understood what I was asking her to do and did a leaped over with an excited buck on the other side! We did steps, water and a few 90 xc fences. This was the first time I had gone xc on her! She also aloud me to put flags and ribbons all over her for the jubilee dressing up day!
I was so proud of her!


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Why does this boy make you so emotional🥹 he has came so far🥹❤️ from not being able to get him in the water to now this😆😟😭🤭❤️😝 ...

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1 metre roll top! Incredible pony!!! ...

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Today in our Essex hunt north pony club day camp!
~ first off we started of with some xc! It didn’t go so well during the 1 hour but there were some parts I am to proud of!
~ as you all may know, Henri has a big fear of water and absolutely hates it. It took a while to get him in there but with a leader it helped. Aka, Megan from my mounted games training group. Henri was able to stand in the middle of the water and trot through it. He may have been at an angle the first few times but he still made it through.
~ the banks were very steep and dangerous. I don’t want to say to much but it didn’t go very well for a different rider but I do not want to share as it’s not my place to. Anyways henri only did the mini bank because he was the smallest one there and the others were 13,2-15h and Henri is 12,1-12,2h so it was difficult for him as we had to jump higher jumps then we normally do.. Henri had a conference knock a few months ago during cross country so he was rather terrified and scared for today but he was super spicy and wanted to jump it was just that he got up to it and freaked out. He also had to do a few 1m jumps and that was the issue but he did them anyway!
Blue roll top 1m
Log 85cm
Ditch no height
Mini bank 40cm high
Water bank 70cm high
~ henris confidence knock was doing 70cm out at a hunter trial. I don’t want to say what happened as there is no reason to say other than a confidence knock. I was not expecting him to jump all the jumps I pointed him at and just quit half way through but he made me get over it and work hard.
~ we did a lovely Flatwork session. Henri wore his -lemieuxproductsofficial oak set
-Henri wore the lovely shires_equestrian performance black saddle pad
~ I’m so happy with how he did today and can’t wait for the one on the 22nd if august and we may jump and do mounted games as well our favourite… hoping to help him and bring back his confidence with time as there is no rush what so ever…

*If you have not already, go check out berwickfarmxc as they have lovely hires and clinics there to go around there amazingly cross country course. (Talent)*

❤️We love you missonis Prince Henri❤️


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Mac was beyond awesome this morning berwickfarmxc

Jumping every fence first time and no stops!

Super pleased with him as he had gone a bit stale with xc but I’m so happy that he’s back enjoying it!

Still buzzing as today all our hard work came together and he felt a lot more confident🫶🏼

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Quaver having a play at Berwick xc today 🌟 thank you so much ggg_equestrian ...

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what a super star today ❤️‍🔥

bailey was great in our lesson today, becoming so much more bold every single xc. at the end, we finished with a 90 combo!! 🥳

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